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The PourEver Wine Preservation and Dispensing System offers a substantial improvement over current wine preservation and dispensing “P/D” systems, in both length and quality of preservation and ease/speed of integrating and removing each bottle (think Keurig™ vs. Mr. Coffee™). The basic “through the cork” concept is shown below, but not the details. The actual technology and most recent design is not shown below and not evident in the currently issued patent. Unpublished patents-pending and the current prototypes detail the most recent and efficient intellectual property and technical designs after more than a decade of extensive R&D and testing.

Showing through-the cork concept –actual technology is not shown

The Challenge

Market challenge: Educate the wine industry and public as to the benefits of PourEver vs. the preservation and dispensing systems currently on the market.

The Current Market

There is a substantial existing market for P/D systems. High-end units price from $6,000 to over $100,000 with a gross margin over 90% and offer a strong upsell or secondary/lateral sales opportunities for PourEver’s superior technology. PourEver offers substantial advantages over these systems.

There are also untapped markets that currently technology does not accommodate due to fear of spoilage/waste, including large (1.5 or 3 liter) bottles and expensive bottles of wine. With consumers demanding more expensive wines by-the-glass, the timing is ideal.

8-bottle commercial unit concept (other concept renderings available)

Untapped Markets

Also, and importantly, there are a number of untapped markets that currently technology is unable to accommodate which represent a wide-open opportunity for PourEver. These include large 1.5 or 3 liter bottles and expensive bottles of wine (rarely used with current systems for fear of spoilage and waste). Another valuable market for this technology is expensive olive oils and other valuable bottled liquids. See the article excerpt below. PourEver offers a substantial improvement over current wine preservation and dispensing “P/D” systems, in both length of time and quality of preservation and ease/speed of integrating and removing each bottle in those situations where preservation may not be the priority.

The Business Opportunity

The preservation and dispensing market is ripe for a new entrant with new and superior technology that allows both far quicker cycling of bottles and dramatically longer preservation when desired.

Upside Potential beyond forecasts; “blue sky”

The actual realized potential and investor returns could be substantially larger than forecast if market penetration is even modestly successful. There is a real possibility that PourEver systems will sell at a substantially higher pace than forecast.

The Competition

There are several entrenched incumbents and a number of small startups. These all use the same inefficient technologies (nothing like PourEver exists in the market), which involves removing the cork and replacing it with gas line, wine line and spout system.

The critical flaws with all competing systems: The wine is always exposed to oxygen during the wine removal and device insertion process. Also, air intrudes into these systems on an ongoing basis. PourEver is the only system that virtually prevents oxygen intrusion into the wine bottle.

Also, the competitor systems are cumbersome and time-consuming to add/remove wine bottles. PourEver is substantially quicker and easier and requires far less time and steps for both adding and removing bottles – it has strong appeal and competitive advantage even where preservation is not a concern, for example in popular bars/restaurant serving a large volume of lower priced wines.

Only one known “through the cork” system, Coravin”, is on the market. The Coravin design is clever and noteworthy, but there are numerous design deficiencies (there have been issues with exploding bottles/injuries, inefficient/wasted gas, very slow pours, transferring of cork rot/fungus between bottles) which make this technology inefficient for commercial, high-volume use or with expensive wines. Pour-Ever suffers from none of these issues. While Coravin is a clever product and should be applauded, it is best suited for a very low-volume or home market environment.

Product Development

Product development has been under development for more than 10 years, after working extensively with numerous engineers, IP/design master’s-level academia and product designers. The core technology is in place and has been repeatedly proven, with functional prototypes. The actual technology and most recent design is not being disclosed and is not evident in the currently issued patent or herein. Unpublished patents-pending and actual functional models detail the most recent and efficient intellectual property and technical designs, and will be shared during due diligence with serious parties.

Intellectual Property

  • The technology and IP is unique and is not known to exist anywhere in the market
  • One US utility patent has been issued, with other patents pending and additional patents being prepared with technology improvements
  • Trademark being applied for
  • Next generation IP/technology is already in the works

The Management Team

Founder Jeff Manera is a long-term product developer who has patented several products and also has substantial experience in the financial/capital markets.

Investing /Partnering Options

Licensing Relationship (Preferred):

Licensing is preferred due to the likely ability of a large firm familiar with the industry and with resources/staff/funding in place to quickly scale up and product launch, manufacturing, distribution channels, etc. to saturate the market, before copy-cats etc. can enter the market place. This would be more of a challenge with a minority equity or debt partner not substantially contributing to the launch efforts.

The founder is very willing to remain involved in any capacity and willing to continue devoting substantial time to the venture, including on the advisory board, as the product spokesperson, relationship-building, continuing with strategy / R&D efforts etc. etc.

Debt / Equity

Use of initial funds for debt/equity (vs. licensing):

Engineering/design to fine-tune design details, simplify components and assembly, mold setup/machining costs of unique parts, sourcing/stocking components, website design, local office setup, legal/patent work.


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